That lying scale again…

So as i said before – I’d gained 3lbs but was back ‘on it’ this week with both diet and excercise – so I weighed in on Wednesday to see where I was up to and I’d lost 3lbs! Whoop – so I thought – if I really stick to it I can lose another pound and actually add to my total loss – so I weighed in this morning and….. I’d gained half a pound since wed – WTF. What is that??? You have to try not to get demotivated but it’s that kind of thing that makes people give up (on a normal diet – not on a gastric band). I’m trying to stay motivated by looking at pretty holiday things and tshirts in primark – I’m 15lbs down which isn’t a clothes size for me but when you can get a tshirt for £2.50 you can treat yourself!!


Back on it

So this week I’ve mainly been trying to get back on the wagon to get rid of the 3lbs I gained – after doing my first excercise -swimming on Saturday and Sunday I was in a bit of pain on Sunday night and freaked out that I would have done some damage So didn’t do anything Monday and had a gentle swim yesterday. I’ve had lots of inspiration from other ‘bandits’ reminding me to go for protein as much as possible which is helping me to feel less hungry while the band isn’t doing much (1st fill on the 20th). I wasn’t feeling at all hungry until midday but am now getting hungry about 10am so am sticking with my fitness pal until I can rely on the band a bit more 🙂

Just keep swimming…

So I was feeling pretty naff as of Friday having gained 3lbs and was thinking about going on to the liquid diet again. Instead I’ve been swimming today and yesterday which has made me want to be more careful with my food – every time I stop excercising I forget how good and positive it makes me feel! So I’m aiming for a week of good food choices – seeing my folks next weekend and would be great if they could notice a difference!! YAS – back to the POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE


So it’s been 2 weeks and at this point I should be going from liquid diet to mushy diet – I have to admit I’ve had the same experience that I’ve read other people have had – I’ve been hungry and able to eat as much as I want to and had no effect when I’ve eaten things that aren’t mushy :/ I feel guilty for everything I eat that isn’t liquid/sloppy but being back in the real world, in an office with people eating normal food and having the same cravings and addictions…I’ve had a friend that I thought was a really close friend stop bothering with me. It has been a tough few months for our friendship after a silly argument and when she didn’t ask me how I was doing in the week before the op – when I’d be most nervous, I kind of thought, I’m going to stop instigating the contact all the time. So as a result I haven’t heard from her for 2 weeks. I don’t have a lot of close friends – I am the definition of an introvert – an INFJ (look up this personality test, Myers Briggs – it’s amazing). Well anyway, I’ve been putting a brave face on it to my mum and other friends because I feel like a bit of an idiot but I’m also wanting to eat for comfort…

I’m going to have to learn better coping skills. Annoyed at myself – paying all that money for this op and then sabotaging myself – it’s crazy. 

Bad blogger 

I’m a bad blogger…I haven’t blogged for aaaages sorry!

So my mum visited last week and I was already well and truly sick of eating soup on the liquid diet so I branched out…1 bite of cheeseburger and some icecream – what a bad ass. It was so good to have some flavourful food!! That bite of cheeseburger was the tastiest bit of food I’d ever eaten…since then I’ve kind of moved on to floppy food a bit early – mash potato and beans etc. It’s difficult to remember to be careful when you have no physical awareness of the band when you eat…so I’m using my fitness pal to keep track…

Will keep working on it!