That lying scale again…

So as i said before – I’d gained 3lbs but was back ‘on it’ this week with both diet and excercise – so I weighed in on Wednesday to see where I was up to and I’d lost 3lbs! Whoop – so I thought – if I really stick to it I can lose another pound and actually add to my total loss – so I weighed in this morning and….. I’d gained half a pound since wed – WTF. What is that??? You have to try not to get demotivated but it’s that kind of thing that makes people give up (on a normal diet – not on a gastric band). I’m trying to stay motivated by looking at pretty holiday things and tshirts in primark – I’m 15lbs down which isn’t a clothes size for me but when you can get a tshirt for £2.50 you can treat yourself!!


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