So it’s been 2 weeks and at this point I should be going from liquid diet to mushy diet – I have to admit I’ve had the same experience that I’ve read other people have had – I’ve been hungry and able to eat as much as I want to and had no effect when I’ve eaten things that aren’t mushy :/ I feel guilty for everything I eat that isn’t liquid/sloppy but being back in the real world, in an office with people eating normal food and having the same cravings and addictions…I’ve had a friend that I thought was a really close friend stop bothering with me. It has been a tough few months for our friendship after a silly argument and when she didn’t ask me how I was doing in the week before the op – when I’d be most nervous, I kind of thought, I’m going to stop instigating the contact all the time. So as a result I haven’t heard from her for 2 weeks. I don’t have a lot of close friends – I am the definition of an introvert – an INFJ (look up this personality test, Myers Briggs – it’s amazing). Well anyway, I’ve been putting a brave face on it to my mum and other friends because I feel like a bit of an idiot but I’m also wanting to eat for comfort…

I’m going to have to learn better coping skills. Annoyed at myself – paying all that money for this op and then sabotaging myself – it’s crazy. 


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