The gory details (probably might make you nervous if you’re op is due soon)

So I checked in at 10am, had blood tests and was taken up to my room and told to shower and put on the gown. I hadn’t drank since 8am or eaten since 9pm the day before and at 11:30 was then told my op would be at 4 or 5pm…oh. Wasn’t expecting that! Happily I had a nice big room to myself and a tv so me and my friend watched some cake programme on food network for hours in between people popping in and telling me bits and pieces and doing blood pressure and ekgs and stuff. When I actually went in I was bricking it but inhaling the mask while they do bits and pieces and I literally blinked and woke up – I remember seeing a nurse I didn’t know then blinked again and it was my friend in front of me! I was gone for just over an hour apparently….I didn’t have much pain at all but had real grief with sickness from the anaesthetic – so this is what I learned by the end;

Everything I’d read said to get up and mobilise to avoid blood clots but apparently when you get up it brings all the aneasthetic up to your head so makes you feel sick…

Drink loads of water as it helps dissipate the stuff. Don’t lie flat – sit upright to help dissipate and try and burp when you sip water as it helps. 

Anyway, I had to have some meds for that and really felt rough – was a bit scared about leaving the hospital in case it came back when there was no help – I was so scared of retching and displacing the band but thank god ive not had any issues since. I couldn’t eat anything yesterday – just didn’t want anything at all but this morning I’ve had a yoghurt and got some soup on the go. I still don’t feel like food but I know I need to force some protein down to heal…

Anyway, spent yesterday sleeping on and off but today I’m trying to stay sitting up to diffuse any last gas as I’m going to be working from home tomorrow…so sleep still though! 


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