So I now have my admittance time and because I can eat until midnight the night before it means I’ll be doing the liquid diet for 8 days instead of 7 – bloody eejit. I miss food so much – I read about someone on here who said she enjoyed watching cooking programmes while on liquid diet and I totally agree – it didn’t make me hungry, I just enjoyed the food vicariously! I weighed in today and I’ve lost 5lbs – whooop. I don’t know how people do slim fast long term though, they’re stronger than me!!

Less nervous than earlier in the week now – have been a hermit for a week and not left my flat in order to not get ill. I’ve kind of had to just ignore my brain and it’s craziness – I’ve done a bit of excercise to help in that regard. I’m surprised not to feel more tired and drained on the liquid diet – oh my gawd – it’s Friday and op is Sunday – how did that happen?? 

Anyway – off to 


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