Food food everywhere but not a bite to eat…

I weighed in this morning but had only lost .4 of a pound since yesterday so hadn’t slid below that stone mark. I’m now at the train station – ready to go to Birmingham and overnighting there before my op tomorrow. This is the level my OCD has reached now; oh my god I forgot to bring my gloves and even though I have hand gel if I don’t have gloves I’m going to touch a surface and forget and get ill….so I just bought some sale gloves; 

They’re not hideous – they were in the sale – they don’t fit me properly and I feel like a Bond villain but if it helps calm the OCD then it’s worth it. 

So today is my liquid diet day 8 (my mistake) and so far it’s not been too bad – I’ve not been hungry and have kept to it 100%. However, it was definitely made easier by the fact that I was able to work from home. I didn’t have any tempting foods in the house and didn’t have to watch anyone else eat normal food. Well today, as is my habit, I’m accidentally at the train station an hour early and sat in front of this;

All the bagels!!!! I don’t even normally eat bagels but the smell of real food has woken up the beast in my belly. Being here an hour early is also not that useful if you aren’t buying any food for the journey – which I’m not – I’ve packed my yoghurts and milkshake… yay (sarcasm). Oh my god, tomorrow is the big day – why am I not nervous?


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