Liquid diet day 1 

So I’m in my pre-operative 7 day diet and today is day 1. I kind of tried to give myself a head start this week by doing slim fast and a small meal a day (plus ice lollies) but today is the real thing…ive felt really like I could hurl every morning this week about an hour after I get up (when I’d usually eat) but I’ve been waiting until I feel hungry to have my first shake. I went out and about today (to watch the Lego batman film amongst other things) but was getting a bit anxious about getting ill so came home not long after the film. It’s weird since I’d thought I’d already been in the mind set but it’s a different kettle of fish when you know you CAN’T have anything else – 2 slim fast and 3 yoghurts so obviously cravings and brain hunger are difficult. It probably doesn’t help being home alone… fingers crossed things will get better.

P.s I don’t even like milkshakes at the best of times so am closing my nose and sipping!!!


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