Vday approaches…

So today I was watching ‘my big fat fabulous life’ – which if you haven’t seen is about a big girl who gets famous after her dance video on YouTube went viral. She used to be slim and gained 200lbs and found out she had polycystic ovary syndrome – which is a condition about 10% of women have that can make you gain a lot of weight and can make it difficult for you to lose it. Anyway, she was talking about having split up with her boyfriend a little while ago and the fear that she has when she’s single that she won’t be able to ‘trick’ another guy in to being with her. That she might not ‘get away’ with it with someone else and the weird comments that you can get on online dating sites. I can totally relate – I haven’t been in a proper relationship for YEARS…I’ve been waiting to feel like my real self and be good enough to warrant someone loving me. I feel like I might look back and be sad that I’ve wasted so much time but It’s hard to believe anyone might like you when you don’t like yourself. 


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