Me and my broken brain!

So I’ve just had my holiday to transylvania – which is a beautiful place that I would highly recommend. Everything is super cheap, beautiful scenery, friendly people and obviously Dracula 😀

To keep up with the ‘things to remember when you need motivation’ – we had a day up a mountain which involved travelling up in a gondola / metal box on a wire – there is no classy/subtle way of asking ‘does this thing have a weight limit’ to help with the fear. There was a variety of activities available, the first of which was a snow walk – again, no classy way of trying to find out how long the walk is and is it uphill and will I be able to keep up and hide the level of heavy breathing. The other activities included; riding on a skidoo, riding on a banana boat behind the skidoo, riding in an inflatable boat behind the skidoo and riding in inflatable tyres down a steep slope. My brains response to all of these things is; what are the chances of falling off/getting hurt/getting stuck and looking like a fat idiot. Did I mention that there seem to be zero fat Romanians? Anyway…I spent the day defending the decision not to take part whilst my sister and our guide REPEATEDLY said; do it, do it, you’ll regret it blah blah blah – all bloody day. Literally; all. Bloody. Day. It’s really not ok to shout; shut the f*ck up and leave me the f*ck alone since people don’t tend to guess at your crazy internal monologue. I suppose I could’ve said – aw actually it’s not my cup of tea because I’m a bit self conscious because then you’d have to deal with the; aw naw you’re fine, what are you talking about as if you’re being self deprecating. Please leave me alone to blend in to the background THANKS.


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