House of mirrors…

So I’m at my folks house before we drive to London and my parents house seems to have full size mirrors EVERYWHERE. In my flat there is one small mirror on my table where I do my makeup in the mirror – this isn’t actually a conscious thing but I notice it when I suddenly can’t turn around without seeing myself full length – now I know about my back rolls when I didn’t before – as well as my bad skin and stray beardy hairs (gotta love polycystic ovary syndrome). Joyous. Also, in the name of being open and honest so I can look back and remember my motivation / reasons for seeking surgery; 

Going to transylvania where it is freezing and being scared about looking even more massive in my layers of thermals. Worrying about not being able to keep up if there are long walks. Worrying about the plane being a budget one with tiny seats, not being able to wear my spare ski trousers (again in case the plane seats are tiny) also that uncomfortable thing where the seat trays can’t be open without jamming against your tummy. Meh meh. Happy holidays everyone!


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