Food regret…

So I didn’t go to Zumba or swimming. Fail. And for the first time I indulged in a day of; it’s probably my last chance to eat like this. Now I feel quite sick (more in my head than in my body). So It’s 3 weeks today to the op and I’ve been pretty good at adopting good habits; mostly given up fizzy drinks which was really hard for me, not using straws, eating smaller portions, focusing on protein etc but today was just something else…I started with icecream for breakfast at the cinema – watched ‘La La land’ and enjoyed it and wanted ALL of Emma stones’ dresses…sigh. Then wahaca – all of the Mexican food. It was lush. I could’ve stopped there but no I opted for a chinese takeaway this evening. I’ve probably regained the 3.5lbs it’s taken me 3 weeks to lose. Grrr what an eejit. I’ve included photos…(this was shared by the way but still). I also found a funky website called ‘’ which tells you the equivalent of what you’ve lost in an object so you can visualise it – apparently I’ve lost a human brain – must’ve done judging by the bad choices today!!!


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