The scales were deffo lying…

So I don’t know what was going on last sat but the scales deffo were lying! This week I lost 1.5lbs – yay! My friend who is being my diet buddy has lost 10lbs in 3 weeks compared to my measly 3.5lbs but I’m having to learn not to be disappointed. If I can lose 1-1.5lbs a week I can lose nearly 2 stone before my hol in May. Slow and steady and all that. It is hard not to compare yourself but it’s not helpful. Not good for the self esteem. Must remember just to focus on my own ‘weight loss journey’. This week it was much easier to stick to my calories, I feel like the post Xmas detox has properly taken hold so the cravings aren’t half as bad. I’ve only had 1 can of coke this week so I’m nearly winning #theaddictionisreal. I’ve been figuring out that the best way to motivate myself is to countdown to actual events – especially holidays. I’ve been doing an epic budget – theoretically if I could consistently lose 1lb at week I would be at a healthy weight by my 32nd bday – so I’ve looked at an American road trip that stops at a load of amazing places; Los Angeles, New Orleans etc – it’s one on that I could join a group through them as I have no confidence that any of my friends would have the commitment to save up the (large) amount of money needed to do it. I’m saving though – I’ve wasted too much time feeling rubbish and not taking adventures I’ve wanted to do – I can’t wait to feel like a new person! EXCITING 😀


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