Falling off the wagon…

So, as I said last time, I’d stopped writing after having an overly emotional reaction to a harmless comment, a friend advised that I should continue to write this like a diary as I’ll probably want it to look back on…so here goes;

After initially struggling to get used to calorie tracking again, by the end of the week I was back in a bit more of a routine – I even took my self back to the gym (gasp) and went swimming. Winning. But then I couldn’t go to slimming world as I had to meet up with a friend for our belated Xmas and felt like a bit of a failure/quitter because of it. I decided just to stick with it and hopefully see a bigger loss this weekend…but then I had a massive wobble yesterday so now I don’t want to go. I was having one of those days where you just want to eat EVERYTHING but mostly chocolate and feeling annoyed that you can’t just eat what you want like everyone else (seems) to be able to. So I went to the shop after work and told myself not to buy biscuits because I can’t stop at 1, I’ll eat the packet. So I bought a packet of cookies and I ate the packet of cookies. 

What an idiot. I’m not going to succeed with the band if I don’t control days like that. I tried to figure out why I did it and can’t really come up with anything satisfying as to why. Meh. Feeling very rubbish and annoyed at myself for sabotaging myself.Edit


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