Week 1

Hello there, again, back at work and therefore a bit lapse at writing. I’m letting myself off the hook a bit as it’s been a bit hectic and full on. I decided to do a massive De-clutter / flat sort out – including the kitchen cupboards in prep for the operation and to get my head back in the right frame of mind. Everything seemed to be out  of date which helped but when I was really honest, most of the stuff in there I don’t eat or I shouldn’t – pasta and quick and easy noodle packs that are full of calories. They’re bagged up for the foodbank. I used to be a bit of a hoarder until I went travelling a few years back, since then I’m much better at looking at things and saying; I don’t need this; charity shop, recycle, bin. So many  bags of clothes in different sizes that I don’t even want to wear again – I’m sure when I’ve lost weight (fingers crossed) part of the joy will be treating myself to new clothes!

So I’m also painting my flat a nice fresh blue colour – all prepping for the new adventure I’m about to start. And finally…I went back to the gym! Well technically I went to the pool but it’s the first time since about last March – YAS! It was hard but I enjoyed it and I’ll be going back this evening before my first slimming world weigh in tomorrow (nervous sigh)…


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