Tomorrow is a new day…

So how did everyone get on with their ‘new year, new me fresh start’? In my new positive mindset I’m trying to find a way to not say ‘I’ve been failing’ so far! As I’ve been at my folks house up to now – on the train home now – I’ve been surrounded by the same food that was bought for Xmas – mainly bread, stuffing, crisps, chocolate and shortbread. My nemesis is shortbread – it must be eaten until it’s gone. Argh.

So today I went food shopping – got stuff to make stew, fruit and stuff to make home made coleslaw and heck chicken burgers – YES! So I’m relieved – kind of can’t wait to feel better/more in control. It’s been really hard trying to get back on track, that old thing of, as soon as I decide I’m on a diet I feel STARVING. At this point you’d probably just snack more on low cal options like fruit – unless you are surrounded by SHORTBREAD. damn. I’ll be embarrassed to go back to slimming world for weigh in if I haven’t lost anything.

Must get back on it!


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