Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! 

As mentioned, I joined slimming world today – despite getting grief off my sister for ‘selfishly’ asking for a lift (long story but the point being – the same people that like to judge you for your weight issues are often the same people that will stand in the way of you making positive steps)…anyway – I’m a member again! 

So I intend to do myfitnesspal app rather than the actual slimming world, since it works better for me – I’m no good at this ‘you can eat as much of meat, rice, pasta etc’ – I don’t have a ‘full’ button so I need something that teaches me portion control (hence the need for a gastric band). So I won’t lie – I’m at a friends tonight for new year and she’s suggested dominos – last blowout before the new year actually starts? It would be rude not to (yes I am aware that this kind of thinking is what got me to this point in the first place). Do I get brownie points for just having 1 scoop of birthday cake icecream at the cinema? No? Ha ha, anyway, watched ‘passengers’, mainly stared at Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning figure (from a jealousy point of view only)…

I know – I’m a crazy party animal! New year for me is historically where, whatever I’m doing, whoever I’m with, I spend it feeling a bit low and uncomfortable in my skin – not so much this year – I’m excited for things to come! So happy new year, may all the things you’re wishing for come to you in 2017 xxx


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