New Year’s Eve eve…

Hi everyone,

I hope your Xmas breaks are going well (lucky lucky me with 11 days off). Since I currently don’t have a significant other (another thing that I’m hoping will change over the next year if/when my confidence improves!!) I have done the usual of returning to the parents place. In the past the extended contact/cabin fever has led to some nasty rows – fairly standard in every house I’m sure. I’ve managed to develop a few coping strategies these days, mainly making plans to be away/out of the house and bringing a DVD stash so I’m not literally always around. This year has been surprisingly good/weight insult free – maybe because I think me, my sister and dad are all on the heavier side at the mo so no one is feeling smug enough to not want it turned against them!!

I would say though, it’s difficult to not take that kind of stuff really to heart when it’s your family saying it and it can really do a lot of damage that can stay with that person for a long time – you might think it’s an off the cuff joke but you might end up being their ‘tipping point’ memory at a slimming club soon!

I suppose all I’m saying is, that stuff stings like a bitch – you can get stuck in patterns of behaviour with your family but I’m trying to get better at letting all of it go – you can’t move forward if you keep looking back!



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