Feel the fear…then do it anyway – resolutions and revolutions!

So I know that in the post Christmas come down, a lot of people will now be feeling the inevitable new year drive to slim down/get healthier and generally make moves towards being happier. Whilst it’s true that by something like Feb 12th most people may have given up on their New Years resolution, I think it’s a great time to set some goals for yourself and to absorb some of that motivational positive energy. 

For some people, that might mean joining a slimming club such as slimming world or weight watchers – although I’m not where I want to be right now, I have found them a great help and support in the past and know a lot of people that have been really successful with their help. For that reason I will be rejoining slimming world on Saturday. The gastric band op is booked (for Feb gulp) but I know I need to get back in to good eating habits now and get a support system in place that understand my struggles!

For anyone that is thinking about it but hasn’t been before – let me give you the lowdown and hopefully take a little bit of fear out of it for you;

Slimming world/weight watchers …

You walk in – there will be loads of other newbies just like yourself – someone will spot you and give you a form to fill in – you then queue up to pay to join and they give you the folder of info on how the diet works. There’s a coupon in ‘woman’ magazine for no joining fee so you’d pay like £5 instead of £15 at the moment (until end of jan I think?). Once you’ve paid you weigh in – I know this is the scary bit for most people but the scale is like a normal scale except the bit that displays your weight is on the desk in front of the person weighing you – no one behind you in the queue or anyone around can see your weight and the people weighing you are always ex-members – they won’t say your weight out loud or anything like that. They’ll write it on your card and might ask you to set a target – or not if you don’t want to. You could also set a target of half a stone or something in the meantime…I think smaller goals are better – it makes the task seem more manageable. Then you go and find a seat and can either take your time reading through all the info or chat to everyone around you – or both!

Once everyone is weighed the 2 clubs then have differing approaches: at weight watchers the leader will do a talk on a particular topic such as trying new foods or takeaways etc and the group will chip in with their experiences – you can contribute as much or as little as you want. At slimming world, the leader goes round the group to ask people how they feel about their result – again, you can talk as much or as little as you won’t and again, she’ll never read out your weight or say; you gained 3lbs – aaaargh. But will ask, ok you had a small gain this week, what was your week like, is there anything you are struggling with that the group can help you with. I know this can sound quite intimidating, but honestly – it’s how you learn from everyone else that’s there and it means that even if you’ve gained that week, you feel positive by the time you leave. 

Both groups have shops that sell cookbooks and bars that can help you. Some groups do raffles where you can win a voucher for the shop or things that can help with the diet. At slimming world, everyone brings a piece of fruit for a basket and the slimmer of the week wins the basket. 

So that’s it, then you go home with a new group of people available on Facebook and social media that are in the same boat as you as well as a leader who you can text or call for advise!

Winner winner. So I hope that helps, I’m not going to talk about the relative diets as I’m not an expert or a nutritionist but I wanted to hopefully put a few people at ease if they are worried about walking through that door!!

Good luck everyone 🙂


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