So a while later…

  • So I’m already a rubbish blogger…I really planned to be one of those people that faithfully write every day but obviously that didn’t happen. I have to admit – I had one question/comment (‘why didn’t I just go to another doctor’) and me being a bit of an oversensitive sad panda kind of ended up over thinking everything a bit. To answer that question, by the way – which was in response to my last blog about how my GP had spoken to me in response to my saying I was going to get a gastric band…well the answer is, once every doc since the age of 13 has tried to tell you that whatever ailment you have is down to your weight e.g in grown toenail all the way through to depression, you start to have low expectations of what your doctors visit will be like. You also start to internalise what they tell you. I know it’s the experience of most overweight people I know, to be told all medical issues are about their weight. My experience is also to be told that but not to have much follow up that can actually help you e.g (from a nutritionist who hadn’t asked me anything about the kind of foods I eat); “when you cook chips, oven cook them rather than fry them”. Not mega useful, since I don’t like chips. Or from a doc whilst I was fuming/swimming 4 times a week; well maybe you aren’t working hard enough. Now this comment is possibly true in that maybe I wasn’t doing the right intensity/type of excercise for the results I wanted but what’s not helpful are the words ‘maybe you aren’t working hard enough’. I think it’s fair to say that my experiences haven’t encouraged me towards reaching my goals. I know gps can’t be expected to know everything/have all the answers, but perhaps a bit more understanding about how to help overweight people or direct them in the direction of the right help…

so it’s nearly new year, and from my slimming world and weight watchers Facebook groups, people are deffo gearing up for the ‘new year, fresh start’ which is great and I’ll definitely be jumping on the band wagon to soak up some of that positivity! My op is now booked for 12th Feb (gulp) but in the meantime, I’ll be rejoining a slimming world group so I can get my eating habits properly back on track and to give me some group accountability and support 🙂


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